“Entrepreneurship Day 2022” was held at Georgian Technical University

Organized by the GTU Innovation Center, within the framework of the 4th year project of the British Council programme Creative Spark: HIgher Education Enterprise programme, at  Georgian Technical University, on February 18, GTU Entrepreneurship Day 2022 using the online ZOOM platform Was held. The event was attended by students, alumni and academic staff of various faculties of GTU. The one-day program included motivational and session speeches and presentations. The seminars were dedicated to the following topics:
• Seminar 1: “Entrepreneurship in a Global Environment – Modern Paradigms of Entrepreneurship”
• Seminar 2: “Entrepreneurial Activities and Legal Issues of Entrepreneurship”
• Seminar 3: “Investments in Entrepreneurial Activities”
• Seminar 4: “Entrepreneurial Human Resource Management and Peculiarities”
• Seminar 5: “Entrepreneurial Skills and Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurs”
The topics presented, moderated by the Keele University Business School, were mainly prepared by the academic staff of the GTU Department of Transportation and Industry Management, an exclusive undergraduate educational program in Entrepreneurial Business Organization and Management.

GTU Entrepreneurship Day 2022 was a kind of support event for the GTU Big Ideas Competition 2022, which will also be held as part of the Creative Spark project in the spring of 2022 and will be officially announced on various communication platforms from March this year (additional Information about this competition will be posted on the official website of GTU and FB).
At the end of the day, the participants were awarded the relevant Georgian-British certificates.
The Creative Spark project is implemented by the GTU Department of International Relations and is coordinated with the GTU and Keele University administrations. The main partners of the project are GTU Student Self-Government and GTU Academic Department of Transport and Industry Management; The project is organized by GTU Innovation Center.


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