General Course On Intellectual Property



The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy in collaboration with Creative Spark is delighted to announce that registration is open today for the General Course on Intellectual Property (DL-101).

We are providing this course to GTU ensure that all beneficiaries make the most of this skill-building, knowledge learning experience and enrol in the distance learning course on Intellectual Property.

As a guide, we would encourage at least 30 enrolments per partnership.


  • Register yourself and enrol in the course
  • Share the document across your Creative Spark network
  • Announce at your next meeting or planned activities
  • Make registering part of a class or workshop
  • Look at the key dates and make a note

Key dates:

12 February – 3 March            Registration is open

4 March                                    Course opens

22 April                                     Course Ends

23- 30 April                               Exam, online multiple-choice



Please see the attached overview that captures all key important information, as well as a further guide to registering in English and Russian.

Link in English:  How to Register for the DL101EBC English

Link in Russian: How to Register for the DL101RBC Russian